Round Cakes – 2 or 3 Layers

6” - From $30
8”- From $40
9”- From $50
10”- From $60

Sheet Cake– 
9”x13” - From $40


9 inch -10 inch- From $20

Breakfast items- From $24

Toppings, fillings, or decorating may be an additional charge. 

I can also bake gluten free and keto desserts! Inquire about your craving!

Breakfast Items

Sausage Bread- A Fahey family holiday morning tradition. Delicious bread loaf filled with sausage and cheese.

Coconut Muffins- To. Die. For. Pillowy soft bursting with coconut flavor. Contains pecans. 

Caramelized Apple Rolls- A different spin on cinnamon rolls. 

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins- Nutritious and delicious!



Dark Chocolate



Pound Cake




Peanut Butter



Red Velvet

And More!

Always topped with high quality buttercream or boiled frostings! Frostings flavors vary for your specific cake. 

Other Desserts

Chocolate Silk Pie

Can you tell I like chocolate? Contains raw eggs. 9 inch rich, cold chocolate pie on a homemade crust.

Peanut Butter Pie 

Just like it sounds- a cold, cream cheesy peanut butter dream. Scratch pie crust can be customized- Oreo or graham. 

Apple Pie

Topped with a crumb style topping, always made with a homemade pie crust!

Pumpkin Pie with graham cracker crust 

Traditional flair and a punch of outstanding flavor with a twist on the crust!

Naomi's Pumpkin Pie

A family recipe. Even pumpkin pie haters like it ; ) Baked on a traditional handmade crust.


Specialty Cakes-

Secret Cake

 9x13 sheet cake. Old fashioned chocolate lovers dream. Contains Pecans.

Chocolate Stout Cake 

Can be made as a 2 or three layer round cake! Contains alcohol in the cake, which is cooked out. A heavy, rich chocolate dessert. 

Lemon Raspberry Cake 

My specialty! A great refreshingly tart and sweet layer cake for any occasion. 

Strawberry Champagne Cake

Light, sweet and heavenly. Round layer cake. 

Chocolate Iced Pound Cake 

A true family recipe! Granny's vanilla pound cake topped with Aunt Ann's stove-top chocolate icing. Made as a bundt cake. 

Black and White Cake

3, 8 inch layers of chocolate cake with a blackberry ganache filling and a light vanilla frosting. Truly a beauty!

Heath Bar Cake 

This creative cake is a candy bar lovers dream!Vanilla Cake with crushed heath bars throughout both the cake and icing.

Mom's Red Velvet Cake

I promise you have NEVER had a better one. I use my moms very unique and old fashion recipe.

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