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Bear Necessities Cabin

Our cabin in Elk Creek, VA

Many years ago, when my grandparents were planning for their retirement, their friends introduced them to the quaint area of Elk Creek, VA. Through a shared interest in bluegrass music and the natural beauty and tranquility of this mountain area, they decided this is where they wanted to build their little getaway home. Unfortunately health and old age prevented them from coming to enjoy this retreat for several years now. My husband and I, along with my aunt and uncle, just couldn’t allow the place to be sold and wanted to keep it in our family. The cabin is special to each of us because of the memories we have each made there as well as the memories we hope to continue to create.

Several projects were left unfinished. There are repairs needed and updates to be made. We thank and appreciate every person who stays here. Every time you stay you are helping us finish what my grandparents started. It also means the world to my grandparents that the cabin is still in our family. One day this place will be visually perfect and we will have you to thank for that. For now, we assure you that once you are there making memories the imperfections fade away.

Located 3.5 hours from Raleigh, 2 hours from Greensboro, 2.5 hours from Charlotte, and 4.5 hours from Richmond, Elk Creek is just a short drive away to our slice of beautiful peace and quiet. We hope that once you stay in the area it will be somewhere you yearn to return, just as we do. No your cell phone will not work, and for now there is no internet or cable at the cabin. But we promise you this detox from everyday distraction will be just what you need. Not to worry there is a TV with a DVD player for rainy days or movie nights with your family! The town of Independence is just a short drive away should you need to use your cell phone or if you need internet access. We hope you will use your time in Elk Creek to make less distracted, intentional memories with your family and friends!

I will be posting soon about our adventures in the areas surrounding the cabin!

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